Terms of Service

The Cricket4crypto application runs on the Ethereum network and utilizes smart contracts with individual erc721 tokens (with each being known as a “Smart Contract”) to allow users to buy and own unique, one-of-a-kind soccer player Smart Contracts. Throughout these Terms of Service, the Smart Contracts and the Site hosting the game will be known as the “Game”. By choosing to use the Game, users can purchase and own soccer player Smart Contracts.

Cricket4crypto is making the Game available to you. Prior to using the Game, you must agree to these Terms of Service.

Read the following Terms of Service carefully and thoroughly prior to using the Game, purchasing Smart Contracts, or using the Site. Unless we have a separate, written agreement with you that differs from the below Terms of Service, the following Terms of Service absolutely and unequivocally govern your use of the Site, purchase of Smart Contracts, and ownership of Smart Contracts. We will only allow you to use this Site, own Smart Contracts, and/or purchase Smart Contracts if you accept all of these Terms of Service. By using this Game, this Site, and/or these Smart Contracts, or by clicking “agree”, you confirm that you understand these Terms and accept these Terms. In the event that you are using this Site, this Game, or these Smart Contracts on behalf of another company or legal entity, you indicate that you have the legal authority to accept these Terms on the other party’s behalf, and that any mention of “you” in this contract means the other party that you represent. If you do not have the authority to represent another party, then you do not have permission to use this Game, this Site, or these Smart Contracts.


Cricket4crypto.com is a UI interface which allows you to interact directly with a blockcahin smart contract on the ethereum network using the “Metamask” browser extension. The website and it’s creators do not except or hold any payments from players. Any ether transfers done over the website’s are transferred directly to blockchain contract address: 0xc95c0910d39d1f6cd3bd71e4b689660c18172b7b

Any Ether or fiat currency deposited into your metamask extension is fully owned and controlled by the player. The game does not have access to the funds deposited in your metamask browser extension.

Transfers of Ether, are passed directly from your metamask account to a smart contract on the ethereum network. Since the game does not except your deposits and does not have any control over it, the game and it’s creators are not liable for any damages or lost of funds.

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