At Cricket4crypto, your right to privacy is our number one priority. The following policy outlines exactly what type of information we collect when you purchase and/or own a Soccer Player smart contract, and provides an overview as to how we utilize and protect that information.

Throughout this policy, we will refer to Soccer Player smart contracts and Cricket4crypto as a whole as simply the “game”. By playing this game, you agree that we can collect, use, and disclose your information according to the following policy. If you’re using another site, service, or product in conjunction with the game, please understand that the following policy only pertains to the game – not your ether, MetaMask wallet, browser, or any other service, product, or software. To make sure that you’re fully aware of how your information is handled, please refer to the Privacy Policy for those products as well.

We will always notify you of changes to this policy by updating the date at the top of the privacy policy page, adding a banner announcement to our site, or by sending an email to you when more substantial changes occur. To make sure that you’re always in agreement with this policy, please check back here from time to time to see if we’ve made any changes that you aren’t comfortable with. While we try to be diligent about providing homepage warnings and sending emails should anything that would directly affect the average user of our game be altered, every individual has different levels of comfort when it comes to their personal information.

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